Soto: the new name for AWS SDK Swift

Amazon Web Services have asked we stop using the name AWS SDK Swift. To protect their trademark and avoid any confusion that AWS SDK Swift might be sponsored by or affiliated with AWS they asked we rename the project.

How do you name a project that is a Swift SDK for AWS? The suggestion from Amazon was exactly that "Swift-only SDK for AWS". But that sounds like a description not a project name. The AWS Python SDK is called "boto", which is a fresh water dolphin native to the Amazon river. A number of open source libraries for AWS have used the "oto" ending. There is an AWS service mocking library called "moto". The community lead Rust AWS SDK is called "rusoto". In a similar manner we could have called the project "swifoto". That sounds a little weird though, so we have decided to go for the shortened "soto".

If you are already using what is now named Soto version 4 everything should work as before. GitHub will forward all your requests to swift-aws/aws-sdk-swift to soto-project/soto. It is still probably best you change your Package.swift dependencies to point to soto-project/soto as the forwarding will stop working as soon as someone else takes the swift-aws organization/user name. If you are using one of the v5 pre-release versions as with v4 everything will work as before. Once the v5 beta (imminently) lands though you will need to change the url in your Package.swift to https://github.com/soto-project/soto. Also the v5 beta build will have all the libraries prefixed with "Soto" instead of "AWS".

I hope this doesn't cause too much inconvience for anyone but there isn't a great deal we can do about this.